"Dan is an exemplary coach and invaluable resource.  During our time together, he has pushed me to elevate my game by helping me see how I get in my own way of achieving my goals.  He has provided that extra voice and support I’ve needed to step outside of my comfort zone to take new ground in business and in life.”

Anthony Beltran - CEO of 101 DOMAINS

"Working with Dan helped me understand what leadership and love are together, as an athlete I can not express how much this realization impacted my life. Dan’s coaching helped me to get back to the results I knew I was capable of but seemed elusive."

Leah Ferguson - London 2012 Olympian



While Novus Global serves thousands of clients annually, Dan chooses to work with less than 15 clients a year. Dan’s work with clients is tailored to each individual/team/company around Novus Global’s patented GO/LIVE method of coaching geared towards exponential impact and profound personal fulfillment. His coaching is not for everyone. With rare exception, Dan works with those who have already experienced a great deal of success and are longing to grow themselves and their teams past previous definitions of high performance. His clients are committed to grow not only in their leadership but also their legacy with a deep yearning to make a positive, global, multi-generational impact both relationally and financially. To take the next step in exploring if this kind of coaching is your next investment, click the button below. 

Warning: this kind of coaching isn’t for everyone. People with certain psychological challenges, limited emotional maturity or arrogance will not resonate with this work.

Here’s how to know if working with Dan isn’t for you:

  • If you think it’s the coach’s job to tell you what to do

  • If you’re doing this because someone else is paying for it and you don’t want to look bad by turning it down

  • If you’re committed to being defensive during feedback

  • If you blame your problems on external circumstances

  • If you don’t want to get clear on what you want out of the coaching

  • If you do not want to have a vision that requires you to grow to accomplish it

  • If you are unwilling to be vulnerable and explore your weaknesses

  • If you are not open to new ways of looking at a situation that you’re currently sure you’re right about

  • If you are unwilling to experiment with new behaviors

  • If you are unwilling to stay with new behaviors

  • If you’re not willing to suffer for the results you want to create

  • If you’re not excited about exploring generosity or leaving a positive impact in the world

Coaching can help overcome most these challenges, if the client is willing.


"Working with Dan was invaluable to our success in the 2018 playoffs"

Manny Viveiros - GM and Head Coach

SWIFT Current Broncos 2018 WHL CHAMPIONS



With passion and energy to see people and organizations explore what they are capable of Dan's keynotes pack a powerful punch. You'll be glad you brought him in.  

“Dan called me forward to take action and clarify many of the pain points our organization had been experiencing. Dan cares about my success and holds a powerful space of clarity and momentum. Our growth as a company and my growth as a leader was deeply impacted by my time with Dan.”


“Since starting with Dan my productivity has more than doubled while my hours spent working has been cut by a third. "

Steve Roadhouse - Executive Director - Gull Lake Centre

Novus Global is a premier executive coaching firm offering workshops and keynotes and coaching to help great leaders, teams, and companies do what’s necessary to take new ground. Through our customized, ultra-practical, and results-driven process we’ve helped our clients and teams achieve unprecedented results.


Regular sessions, done individually or with a group, where you develop deep habits that will produce exponential change.

For People Who Want:

To clarify and expand on the vision for their life

To maximize their efficiency and effectiveness

Courageous feedback that leads to powerful change


Interactive, immersive experiences that focus on maximizing the performance of individuals and teams.

For Groups Who Want:

Increased productivity, in less time, with increased satisfaction

To go beyond high-performance

To create a truly empowered culture


Passionate, honest and energetic talks that lead audiences into new insights and courageous action.

Designed for:

For-profit and non-profit organizations, who want to encourage and inspire their teams

Creating new and fresh conversations that invite people to explore what they’re capable of


NOVUS GLOBAL’S Meta Performance Institute for Coaching

A revolutionary program led by the elite Novus Global coaching team consisting of face-to-face intensives, webinars, individual and group coaching, real-time feedback and the actual creating of a successful coaching practice.



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